Eric P. Hutchins


Hello. I am Eric Hutchins. I am a GNU hacker and computer scientist.

Some words of wisdom from the Bazaar logs of the Gnash project (Revision 11654):
"...a design without an implementation is a good starting point, whereas an implementation without any design is useless."
    -Benjamin Wolsey
From an interview by The Prior Art:
Every day I see either clients of my own, or others [working in free software] who are intimidated into not posting code on a website....People are intimidated out of giving learned papers or speaking at conferences. Money is demanded from people for distributing software from which they make no money. People are prevented from describing their own ideas, that they had themselves, on their own website. All because some officious intermeddler claims he has "ownership" of the idea.

Those things happen every day, because the public interest is not protected in the patent law. They happen so that people who claim to have property can hold it to the public's disadvantage. They posture themselves as having the moral entitlement of "owners." But the words "my patent" say: the government orders you to pay me. And the question arises about the substantive justice of that order.
    -Eben Moglen

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